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Eat & Drink

The Roman restaurant in the Hostel offers culinary treats prepared from original Roman recipes. Visitors who prefer to cook for themselves may use the barbecue pavilion in the park (advance booking required).

Two big pots of Roman stew.

Simple Roman stews looked very delicious.

The chefs at the restaurant in the Roman Hostel use original antique recipes. In the historical surroundings of the baths and the herb garden, you can enjoy "Numidian chicken", for example. However, the restaurant also caters for more contemporary tastes.

Visitors eating in the restaurant of the Roman Hostel. The green herb garden with the Roman Hostel in the background. Tables in the sunny patio of the Roman Hostel.

Good food and good drinks – the Romans knew how to indulge.

Families, companies and other large and small groups

The Roman Hostel offers a special room for families, companies or other groups wishing to share a culinary experience.

Further information and direct booking:

Roman restaurant:
Tel +49 (0)2801 988 74 81 |

Museum café KaffeeMühle:
Tel +49 (0)2801 98 44 147 |

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Especially on sunny days, the APX is a great place for families and groups to picnic, relax and play outdoors. The lawns offer ample space for a great day out. You may, of course, bring everything you need to picnic and enjoy yourself.

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For further information and booking,

please call the customer service phone number:

Phone +49 (0) 2801 988-9213

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The APX offers a barbecue pavilion that may be used by visitor groups subject to advance booking. The pavilion is equipped with a large barbecue and has room for about forty people. Please bring your own barbecue utensils. The adjacent lawns provide ample space for a picnic and undisturbed ball games. On request, the booking of the barbecue pavilion can be combined with a guided tour of the park.

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