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A day at the APX is time well spent for old and young: you discover new aspects of the Roman world, your children can play to their heart's content, or you can simply sit back and let your thoughts wander.

Man relaxing on the lawn next to a baby carriage with children playing on the large timber adventure playground in the background. Three boys. Mother with child at the stand with Roman leather goods.

A day in the Park is a short holiday for the entire family.

The APX offers families many opportunities to spend the day entirely as they wish. For children, the adventure playground and the Roman Games are packed with things to discover – and parents can enjoy the day too, knowing that their offspring are in good hands and well looked after.

Children are naturally curious and ask innumerable questions. A brochure and panels with text and pictures provide a multitude of answers. If you want to find out even more, join one of the open guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays to learn everything there is to know about the history of temples, gates and baths. » Open Guided Tours

Active participation makes your whole visit even more fun. Roman weekends from May to September offer an ideal opportunity for families. These weekends are exactly what you are looking for if you always wanted to wear a gladiator's helmet or forge your own nails. » Roman weekends

An adult and two children looking at the Park from the top terrace of the reconstructed amphitheatre.

Every corner of the Park offers an interesting new perspective.

Further information for your visit can be found in the following tips and answer your questions. We will also be glad to answer your questions by phone.

Two butterflies.

A handy map is provided at the entrance when you receive your admission tickets.

Pictogram of a buggy

The paths in the park are well and clearly developed and they are accessible for buggys without difficulty.

Pictogram for food and drink

Visit the Roman restaurant in the Roman Hostel for food and drink.

Sign of a picknick basket

You can also bring your own picnic and enjoy it on one of the lawns. Ball and frisbee games are also permitted on the lawns.

Sign of a rubber boot

Make sure you have suitable clothing for the prevailing weather conditions.

sign of a torchlight

Bring a torch so that you and particularly the children can explore basements, tunnels and vaults.

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