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The APX is a popular location for school outings. Lively guided tours and activities round off an exciting and informative visit to the Roman city.

Museum educator showing drawings of Roman objects to students. Visitors strolling through the Park on the wide avenues. Two students carving bones during the Roman Weekends.

Attention is assured: there are many ways to convey knowledge in the Park.

The reconstructions illustrate ancient Roman life more impressively than any book. Life-size models of the gates and temples, amphitheatre, workshops and the bathhouse invite visitors to step inside and look around. Yet these buildings do not simply stand alone, for Xanten's special attraction lies in the variety of possibilities: from excavation and presentation in museums to scientific examination and virtual reconstruction, all aspects of modern archaeology are to be found in the Park.

Numerous guided tours and hands-on courses offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the Roman world. These tours and courses are specially tailored to the needs of school classes. Kids and students have ample opportunity to try things out for themselves or simply to touch and get the feel of various objects during the guided tours. All age groups can join in or simply watch the activity programmes.

Two school classes in front of the reconstructed harbour temple.

Class outing: history comes alive in the APX and provides lots of fun, too.

Original finds are the lifeblood of archaeology. The brand-new LVR-RömerMuseum offers many special attractions for school classes in English. In the completely redesigned exhibition, children and youths find over 30 exhibits designed for hands-on, multisensory experiences. Special programmes are available, also for schools for children with learning disabilities and for groups of disabled schoolchildren. Enquiries should be addressed to the Museum Education department.

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At least four hours should be planned for your visit to the APX.

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A handy map will be provided at the box-office.

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Guided tours and hands-on courses should be booked through the Service Hotline at least one week before your visit.

Sign for food and drink

Food and drink are available from the restaurant in the Roman Hostel´s Restaurant. Naturally you can also bring your own food to eat on the lawns.

sign of rubber boots

Kids and students should wear clothes suitable for the prevailing weather conditions.

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Xanten also offers optimum conditions for a longer stay. If desired, we can help you to draw up a programme for your class.

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Xanten also offers optimum conditions for a longer stay. If desired, we can help you to draw up a programme for your class.

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