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Sunday tours

Archaeologists offer a very special guided tour in the LVR-RömerMuseum every first Sunday of the month. The tour is an ideal opportunity to discover new aspects of antiquity (in German).

Why did Roman emperors not die in their own beds? What was the everyday life of a legionary like? And what happened in the Baths? Life in antiquity was just as exciting as life today. The Sunday Tours provide some of the answers to thousands of questions about the past.

An archaeologist explains a roman inscription to children and grown-ups.

Eye to eye with antiquity

The Sunday Tours start at 11 noon in the LVR-RömerMuseum and last for roughly one hour. They are included in the normal admission price.

Dates this year: please see the German page

A woman visits the Roman weekends at the APX.

Roman Weekends

Discover antiquity

Shoemakers, carvers, legionaries - watch the experts at work and try their craft yourself. Many things worth knowing are waiting to be discovered in the Roman world every Saturday and Sunday. more

Detail of a reconstructed corinthian column

Open Guided Tours

Open for all

Every weekend from April to September we offer open guided tours without prior booking. The open tours are free of charge in the Regional Museum. more

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