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Special Events

The Roman world comes alive in the Archaeological Park. The large programme of demonstrations, festivals and activities to watch and join in provides many good reasons for visiting the ancient city and the LVR-RömerMuseum.

A woman paints a girls face.

Roman Weekends

Curiosity wanted

Shoemakers, carvers, legionaries - watch the experts at work and try their craft yourself. Many things worth knowing are waiting to be discovered in the Roman world every Saturday and Sunday. more

View in the museum´s ground floor

Sunday Tours

Explorers abound

Look forward to a very special guided tour every first Sunday of the month. There are definitely surprises in store here and objects waiting to be touched. more

The Harbour temple at the APX under a blue sky


Verbal excursions

First-hand know-how: the soundly based lectures by renowned experts are studded with interesting facts from their latest research. more

A man in the uniform of a roman gladiator stands at the entrance oft the amphitheater.

Roman Festival

Swords, bread and games

Exciting events are ahead: in 2016 the APX will once again host the largest Roman festival in Europe with a full programme and lots of fun for old and young. more

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