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Reconstructed buildings

The major buildings in the APX are more than just backdrops. Designed after years of excavation and research, they were built true to scale at the original location. All shapes and materials emulate the Roman originals, helping visitors appreciate the ancient architecture.

Framework beam of a reconstructed residential building in the rough.

Roman houses

Homes made of loam

Monumental buildings are only one aspect of the Colonia. Average people lived in simple, multi-storey houses made of loam. A special challenge for the construction researchers of the APX. more

The reconstruction of the harbour temple from a wider distance behind an avenue.

Harbour temple

Beacon of Roman civilisation

A splendid eye-catcher: Visible from far on the river, the impressive harbour temple served as a beacon of Roman civilisation in the Lower Rhine area. more

Some rows of seats of the amphitheatre.


Let the games begin

Back in ancient times, thousands of Romans flocked to the monumental amphitheatre to watch the fights of men and animals. Today the arena hosts festive spectacles, too. more

Outside view of the Roman Hostel with window arches.

Roman Hostel

A place at the inn

Those who were looking for food and lodging after a strenuous trip found it in the Hostel of the Colonia. Amenities included relaxation in the Hostel’s bath or a visit to the tavern. more

The two towers of the reconstructed north gate of Colonia Ulpia Traiana.

City wall & gates

Protection and power

The most ambitious construction project after receiving the status of a city was the wall including gates and towers around the city. Reconstructed parts of it can be seen in the APX today. more

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