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Tour of the Park

Take a visual tour of the Roman city! Click on the picture to open the gallery.

Visitors relaxing on one of the spacious lawns in the park.

You always find a place to relax in the Archaeological Park.

True to the original replica of a Roman round arch. View along one of the park avenues with the partially reconstructed harbour temple in the background. View over a lawn with autumn trees on the partially reconstructed harbour temple. Visitors looking at the partially reconstructed harbour temple with its high pillars. A group of visitors on the steps of the harbour temple. View of the Roman Hostel. The herb garden with the Roman Hostel in the background. View of the south side of the Roman Hostel protected by a canopy. Reconstructed furniture and wall paintings in the Roman Hostel. Looking into the hot bath of the Hostel's reconstructed hot springs with splendid wall paintings. The reconstructed amphitheatre. The vault under the terraces of the reconstructed amphitheatre. Panoramic view of the fully occupied amphitheatre during the Roman Festival. The reconstructed north gate of the Roman city Colonia Ulpia Traiana. The reconstructed town wall beside the amphitheatre. A group of visitors standing in an avenue looking towards the Kids exploring a reconstructed Roman carriage. View of the RömerMuseum and the hot springs building. View of the glass surfaces of the hot springs building with a part of the RömerMuseum in the background.
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