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Tour of the Museum

Take this visual tour to discover the building and the exhibition. Click on the picture to open the gallery.

The building of the RömerMuseum.

Welcome to the RömerMuseum. On the right, you see the Town Baths.

Family outside of the RömerMuseum. Children looking at the traces through the glass floor of the RömerMuseum. Children in a room of the RömerMuseum. Visitors looking at antique pots in glass cabinets. Visitors looking at an excavation site within the museum. Three children looking at the antique foundation walls inside the museum. The new RömerMuseum seen from outside. Mother and daughter looking at Roman pots in a glass cabinet. View of the exhibition of the RömerMuseum. The building of the Toen Baths seen from outside. The partly reconstructed wall frieze in the RömerMuseum. A Roman ship is suspended from the ceiling of the RömerMuseum. Children and adults looking at exhibits in the RömerMuseum. Family dressed in Roman clothes. An exhibition wall on Roman fishermen. Xanten's cathedral seen from the museum. The illuminated outer wall of the RömerMuseum in the evening. The illuminated RömerMuseum in the evening. The building of the RömerMuseum.
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