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Building Services

In an institution the size of the Archaeological Park, there is always plenty to do.

Seven men are standing in the LVR-RömerMuseum.

Andreas Lohn, Jens Weinkath, Volker Wärmpf, Norbert Damker, Dirk Bütow, Mario Schiebold, Frank Termath (left to right)

Engineer Norbert Damker is the Technical Director of the entire Archaeological Park and the LVR-RömerMuseum.

Caretaker Jens Weinkath, electrician Mario Schiebold, media technician Frank Termath, Andreas Lohn, Volker Wärmpff und Dirk Bütow are there to lend a hand wherever technical skills, physical power and careful handling are required. They keep all APX facilities well maintained and ensure the smooth technical running of events.

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