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Many roads lead to the Xanten. The following directions and maps help you to find your way to the APX.

The best way to get to Xanten by car is to take the A 57 motorway.

Leave the A 57 motorway at the Sonsbeck exit and drive in the direction of Sonsbeck/Xanten. Then follow the signs: Turn right onto Kevelaerer Strasse/L491 (signposted Sonsbeck/Xanten); then, after 2 kilometres turn left onto Hochstrasse/L480. Stay on this road for 10 kilometres; then, turn left onto B 57. After 1.5 kilometres, turn left onto Wardter Strasse/Varusring. After 20 metres, turn right into the parking lot of the Archaeological Park.

Motorway map of the greater Xanten area.

There is a sufficient number of free parking spaces for cars and buses at the main entrance to the Park and the LVR-RömerMuseum.

If you want to visit the LVR-RömerMuseum, you may use the parking lot of the Archaeological Park on Wardter Strasse as well. The LVR-RömerMuseum is within comfortable walking distance inside the Park.If you prefer to use the parking lot of the museum, stay on Wardter Strasse for another 300 metres. Cross the roundabout ahead, and then follow the signs: After just 10 metres turn right onto Nordwall. After 100 metres, turn left onto Bemmelstrasse; then, after 100 metres turn right onto Rheinstrasse. After 300 meters turn right onto Siegfriedstrasse. After 700 metres, turn left into the parking lot of the LVR-RömerMuseum.

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If you want to travel by train, board the Regionalexpress in Duisburg which takes you in about 45 minutes to Xanten. From the Kleve area, the 44 bus takes you to Xanten station. From the train station, you can walk to the APX in about 20 minutes. The route is well signposted. The regularly operating SL42 bus (to Brigittenstrasse) takes you to the APX in five minutes.

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