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Archaeological Park

Exciting and informative: Roman history comes to life in the APX. The Archaeological Park is at the same time a centre of high-calibre research and a fun place to relax and play games!

Visitors on the stairs of the reconstructed harbour temple.

Tour of the Park

Come in!

Take a stroll around the Archaeological Park with our photographer to get a first impression of the sights waiting to be discovered here. more

The harbour temple seen from a wider distance across an avenue.

Reconstructed Buildings

Full-size antiquity

Explore the buildings in the APX – the colossal amphitheatre, the city wall, the harbour temple. All buildings have been rebuilt on a scale of 1:1 in their original location and using original techniques. more

Group of visitors looking at the reconstruction of a carrus, a long Roman cart for heavy loads.

Themed Pavilions

Compact know-how

Not all roads lead to Rome. One of the themed pavilions documents the Romans' pronounced mobility, while another provides a view of the foundations under the Roman houses. more

Boy trying to play the amphorae throwing game watched by three adults.

Fun & Games

"Wow!" instead of "Shhhhh!"

Museum? A word associated with sitting still and keeping quiet – but not in the APX. Action is the name of the game here: old and young are in their element in the Roman Games and on the playgrounds. more

A young visitor watching Roman legionnaires parading along an avenue in the APX.

Events in the Park

The city lives!

A whole variety of events and activities let the APX pulsate with life. They afford an interesting impression of everyday life in the Roman city – and lots more. more

A group of visitors watch an excavation team unearth Roman foundation walls.


Buried treasure

The APX owes its special appeal to the interaction between archaeological research and adventure-oriented communication of the results. Find out more about the archaeologists' projects. more

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