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Themed Pavilions

The Park's themed pavilions offer special insights into the world as it was known to the Romans. Distributed throughout the Park, they complement the large Roman buildings with selected reconstructions and information on specific aspects of everyday Roman life.

Two gladiators with typical armour.

Bread and Circuses

Gladiators and bears

A new exhibition on the “games” in the amphitheatre is to be found in the tunnel surrounding the arena. Find out more about Roman gladiators and their dangerous profession. more

Modell of a Roman wooden building crane

Construction and Techniques

Crane, mud wall, shingle roof

Various techniques and materials were used in the buildings of the Roman town. A new exhibition area shows how walls, roofs and floors were constructed. more

Bust of the Emperor Hadrian made of white marble

Caesar, Senate and the People

Governors and the governed

A new exhibition on Roman politics and society has been opened in the Roman inn. Modern media tell the story of the lives of emperors, citizens and slaves. more

Roman walls

A window into the ground

Protective building on Insula 39

On entering the protective glass building, visitors look directly down onto an excavation site with the exposed foundation walls of Roman houses. more

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