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LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten

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The APX is an archaeological area of exceptional importance. The remains of a Roman city are preserved in unique manner in the ground under the Park's lawns. Its archaeologists are working to uncover the life of the Romans in excavations and many research projects.

Excavator kneeling on an unearthed Roman foundation wall.


Working with a trowel

The objects buried in the Park, sometimes only a few centimetres below the surface, provide the archaeologists with important information on the Romans and their way of life on the Lower Rhine. more

A Spanish researcher kneeling beside a Roman amphora.

Amphorae Project

Ancient containers

Many goods were packed in amphorae for the long journey from the Mediterranean to distant Germania. A German-Spanish research project seeks to get to the bottom of the findings. more

Man wheeling an instrument over a meadow of the APX.

Geophysical Prospection

Looking into the ground

Every excavation also poses a hazard for the objects buried in the ground: they could be destroyed and important traces wiped out. Modern geophysical methods can help to make this work more effective in future. more

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