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Some forty men and women work at the different departments of the Archaeological Park. Get to know the people behind APX.

A wheelbarrow lying upside down in the grass.

Archaeological Excavation

Bringing the city back to the light

It will take several centuries to unearth all remains of the Roman city. So there is plenty to do for the archaeological excavation, scientific service and finds work teams of the APX. more

The red roofs of the museum in front of the glass facade of the museum.

Museum & Restoration

The countdown is on

Archaeological finds provide a wealth of information about our history. The museum team and the restorers of the spectacular new LVR-RömerMuseum reveal new insights into the world of the Romans. more

A young girl filing away at her workpiece.

Museum Education & Public Relations

Always at your side

A visit to the APX can be both recreational and impressive – it's your choice. A large team on site and behind the scenes makes your visit to the Archaeological Park something to remember. more

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