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Where there used to be an entire Roman city, there is now a park with vast lawns and meadows, long avenues and some smaller gardens.

Group photo of five gardeners in the APX.

Doris Niessing, Thomas Fox, Peter Altmann, Heike Wolff und Ralf Wonning (left to right)

Peter Altmann (middle) has been in charge of the APX park maintenance since autumn 2014. The maintenance of the parkland keeps him and his team consisting of Heike Wolff, Ralf Wonning, Doris Niessing and Thomas Fox (from left to right) busy all year round. They have to look after some 18 hectares of lawn, almost 2000 trees and over 6 kilometres of hedges. Moreover, the team maintains the flower gardens, gravel walks and sand areas around the Roman buildings for carefree strolls through the park in any season.

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