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Caesar, Senate and the People – the rulers and the ruled

Within the rooms of the Roman inn, modern media give us an insight into Roman politics and society. Who made the decisions? What were the rights and duties of the common people? How was the Colonia Ulpia Traiana governed?

Roman busts made of marbele in the exhibition A boy listens to stories told in the exhibition. Marbele bust of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Made to speak: modern media are used to tell us about the life of prominent Romans.

A large-scale wall projection provides the essential background information and facts about the administration of the Empire and its provinces. At the core of the exhibition there are eleven busts with audio guides telling the stories of the eventful lives of prominent Romans.

Eleven figures on an interactive table explain the positions occupied by the members of the imperial family, the citizens, the freedmen and the slaves in Roman society. In a fun way, both children and adults find answers to their questions here.

The darkend exhibition room with the lightened busts of Roman personalities

A view of the exhibition.

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